TAHOE CITY, CA.– Vacationers these days don’t have to depend on huge ships to get in some fun cruising.

Many smaller ships offer specialized cruises to locales all around the world.

One such company that provides matches between adventure-seeking clients and a treasure trove of small, expedition ships is AdventureSmith Explorations (

They provide families with a line-up of 2012 child-friendly cruises from Alaska to Borneo.

AdventureSmith Explorations represents the world’s largest collection of small cruise and expedition ships carrying 12 to 148 passengers. Aboard smaller yachts and vessels families are free of the bells-and-whistles distractions and onboard diversions of large vessels. The focus instead is on guided. off-ship adventure excursions such as hiking, sea kayaking, wildlife viewing and cross-cultural opportunities. Kayaking especially is a popular water activity, and can be made much more enjoyable by investing in something like a kayak trolling motor, which takes away the need to put the effort into paddling.

Some small ships set aside special departures dedicated to family programs and pricing discounts for teens and children. With advance notice (usually 12-18 months ahead) the smallest vessels accommodating 12 to 32 or more can be chartered on a private group basis making it easy for families to travel when they want.

“Most importantly,” said Director Todd Smith, “small ships offer mixed generations personalized experiences focused on authentic nature and culture such as kayaking among icebergs, spotting monkeys in the rainforest, swimming with sea lions, and even catching piranha in the Amazon.”

The company’s 2012 top family cruises include:

Late Fall – Early Spring
– Baja – Experience the Aquarium of the World aboard the 22-passenger Safari Quest with departures Dec 24-31, 2011 and Dec 31-Jan 7 (special $400 off ages 12-19) and over spring break: Mar. 3-10 and Mar. 24-31, 2012. There’s a 25 percent discount for ages 12 and under.

– Panama Canal & Costa Rica aboard the 62-passenger National Geographic Sea Lion from now through March. There’s a $500 savings ages 18 and under.

Early Spring – Mid Summer
– Galapagos on 20-passenger Eric or Letty or Flamingo, with family departures between Mar. 4-Apr. 8 and May 27-Aug. 19. Discounts are 25 percent off for ages 11 and under and 15 percent off for ages 12-17. See:

– Hawaiian Seascapes aboard the 36-passenger Safari Explorer, with dedicated family cruises in 2012; Mar. 8-15 and Mar. 24-31 and in 2013; Mar. 9-16 and Mar. 30-Apr. 6. There’s a 25 percent discount for ages 12 and under.

– Alaska Eastern Coves Adventure Cruise aboard the 60-passenger Wilderness Adventurer, with designated family trips June 23-30, July 21-28, Aug. 4-11, 2012. There’s a 25 percent discount for ages 12 and under. See:

– Glacier Bay National Park – Discover Glacier Country aboard the 22-passenger Safari Quest with departures June 22-29, and July 20-27, 2012. There’s a 25 percent savings on ages 12 and under. See:

– Galapagos aboard the 100-passenger National Geographic Endeavour with year-round departures. Ages 18 and under save $500.

– Peruvian Amazon Cruise aboard the 28-passenger Delfin II with year-round departures. There’s a 20 percent discount for ages under 12

– Borneo – Camp Leaky / Faces in the Forest cruise aboard the 100-passenger Orion II with year-round departures. Ages 2-15 save 75 percent when sharing with two adults.

AdventureSmith Explorations is the global leader in small ship, adventure cruise vacations. Company founder Todd Smith helped pioneer the concept of wilderness cruising that combines the comforts of a small cruise ship with the adventure of sea kayaking, hiking and exploring remote wilderness areas ashore. The company matches guests with the top names in small ship cruising as well with intimate, boutique ships that may not make the radar of most travelers.

In moving through exotic natural environments and exploring vibrant native cultures seldom associated with more mainstream cruise itineraries, AdventureSmith Explorations dedicates its efforts to small footprint, sustainable travel and has launched a carbon free cruising initiative. Its off-the-beaten-path destinations include Alaska, Baja, Costa Rica, Belize, Ecuador and the Galapagos, Hawaii, Peru, the Arctic, Antarctica, and Australia.

Founded in 2003, AdventureSmith Explorations is based in Tahoe City, CA along the northern shore of Lake Tahoe. P: 800-728-2875 toll-free or 530-583-1775. E: / W:

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