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(Note: The prices below are for paperback copies to be mailed to the buyer. There is no additional handling or  mailing charges. Readers who would like to have the books sent to them electronically via email attachment may do so for $2.95 per book. Make orders payable to Ken Mink, 1608 Winding Ridge Trail, Knoxville, Tn. 37922)

“TERROR on the Appalachian Trail.” The story of how two hiking groups try to outwit two crazed mountaineer serial killers. $8.95.

“BIG BLUE BLUES: The inside story of the point shaving scandal that rocked the University of Kentucky and college basketball.” $8.95

‘THE RAGTAG GANG: The story behind college football’s most outrageous game: Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland Universty 0.”  $7.95

“Nightmare on Black Mountain” (the story of the drama surrounding a coal mine explosion which traps dozens of miners). $8.95

“Teen Gunslinger” (the story of a young cowboy’s search for the killers of his parents). $7.95

“So You Want Your Kid to be a Sports Superstar” (a fact book in which sports experts, doctors, trainers, psychologists, etc., give advice to the parents of  budding athletes). $5.95

“Hoops Dreamer: The Ken Mink Story”  (an autobiography of a man who set a world record by returning to a college basketball court after a 53-year absence). $9.95

“Serpent on the Cross” (a story of the turmoil and conflict surrounding an East Tennessee snake-handling church and the preacher’s conflicted family). $7.95

“Geezer Wars”  (a story about the comical hijinks of senior softball players involved in an Orlando league of oldtimers who use unique tricks in a battle for a championship). $7.95

“The Cola Conspiracy” (a story about a trio of down-on-their-luck Atlantans who come up with a unique product tampering plan to try to get a soft drink company to give them millions of dollars). $7.95

“The Mailman Murders” (a story of a mailman who in desperation resorts to murder and robbery to try to finance his daughters’ college education). $7.95

“A Tear for Sarah” (based on a true story. A Kentucky woman walks through more than 200 miles of wilderness, with her small daughter, to try to get her Union Army soldier to return to their farm). $7.95.

“The Lottery Murders: Knoxville Serial Killer Seeks Revenge” (A story of a man who loses a $2 million Lottery ticket and goes on murder rampage to try to get it back). $7.95.

“The World’s Top 25 Sermons” (Compilation of great sermons by preachers dating back hundreds of years.). $8.95.

“Heaven & Hell: Secrets Revealed” (A look at national religion experts views on important topics facing all Christians). $8.95.


(all books include shipping costs and are available at these discount prices by sending remittance fees by cash, check or money orders payable to Ken Mink at 1608 Winding Ridge Trail, Knoxville, Tn., 37922. Be sure to include mailing address to where the books need to be sent. All books will be personally autographed. For more information contact Ken Mink at or 865-671-6802.)