America’s Most Romantic Cities? Knoxville Tops, But Many Contend

By Ken Mink, Editor

As spring approaches, love is in the air.

And with Valentine’s Day 2018 near at hand, thousands of couples around the country are undoubtedly poring over travel brochures, calling travel agents or scouring the internet to try to find a romantic locale to kindle their romantic flames.

So, where to go?

How about Knoxville, Tn.?

Perhaps many are scratching their heads over this one, but the Knoxville area with its fantastic mountain views, a dozen scenic lakes, thousands of romantic Smoky Mountain cabins and hundreds of unique hiking trails and waterfalls certainly has a lot to offer young lovers.

And the international online products giant Amazon says it has proof that Knoxville is America’s Most Romantic City.

Based on its own criteria – primarily sales data of “romance” products customers purchased, including romance novels and relationship books, romantic comedy movies, romantic music, as well as sales of erotic fiction, it seems people like reading erotic stories and not just watching them on Also popular are romantic comedies and Barry White CD’s and emotion-evoking music by Luther Vandross.

And Knoxville for several years has been among the top 3-4 cities on the list, including No. 1 more than once. The rankings are based on per-capita sales in cities with at least 100,000 people.

Other top cities on Amazon’s recent most romantic locales include San Antonio, Miami, Orlando, Vancouver, Spokane, Sioux City, Las Vegas and San Jose.

But many American magazines and web sites use their own different criteria in determining America’s most romantic locales.

Redbox movie rentals rates the most romantic locales based on the highest rate of rentals of romance and romantic comedy movies across the country. Based on that formula Redbox says America’s most recent Most Romantic City standings is topped by Glendive, Mt., – knocking out last year’s tied winners, Columbus, Ms. and Lake Charles, La.

“We pulled data on romantic movie rentals from U.S. cities to discover which markets were more inclined to look for love,” said a Redbox marketing news release. “The results give us light-hearted insights into where romance lives nationwide.”

Travel and Leisure Magazine uses reader surveys to rank cities in several categories, including Most Romantic. Their readers rated Charleston as the most romantic locale, with San Diego among others close behind, including Aspen, St. Simons Island, Fl.. Beaufort, N. C., Amelia Island, Fl., Sag Harbor, N. Y., San Luis Obispo, Ca., Burlington, Vermont, Sonomo, Ca., Portsmouth, N. H. and Traverse City, Mich,

ProFlowers, a national online florist service, came up with its own Top 10 Most Romantic Cities list, using these special factors: Percentage of the population that is married, romantic restaurants per capita, boutique hotels per capita, public parks per capita and walkability score.

Based on this criteria Pro Flowers says these are the top 10 Most Romantic U. S. cities: Sunnyvale, Ca., Honolulu, Torrance, Ca., Seattle, Alexandria, Va., Portland, San Francisco, Bellevue, Wa., Pasadena, and San Diego.

And love continues to be good for a lot of businesses, including the sale of Valentine cards. says Americans have spent more than 19 billion dollars on such cards each of the last three years

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