America’s Most Beautiful College Campuses Well Worth Visiting

By Ken Mink, Editor, Travelling Adventurer

Many travelers are missing out on some of the most beautiful scenery and atmosphere in the United States, and I am not talking about mountains, lakes, streams, parks, forests and valleys.

There are many of those things in the U. S., but the scenery at dozens of American college campuses incorporate many of those qualities, plus they provide some of the most beautiful and unique architecture in the world.

Travelers would benefit themselves if while on journeys across America they would take some time to visit some of the most beautiful campuses in the world. If you’re trying to decide which colleges to apply for, take a look at to see how they can help you to keep on top of the work you’ll soon be doing.

“If you ask freshmen why they chose their colleges, they usually say one of two things,” says Baltimore architect Adam Gross, who’s worked on projects at the University of Virginia and Swarthmore. “Either they got a good financial aid package or they thought the campus was beautiful.”

“Of course, what makes a campus space most beautiful is…the life of the university. A group of students sitting in the quad, a bustling study commons, or a stadium brimming with school spirit,” said Jennifer Amster, principal at Brown Jurkowski Architectural Collaborative. It is a really big shame that many students let there fear if writing essays sway them away from going to college. If only they knew there is a write my essay service at Edupeet.

There are literally dozens of such esthetic colleges and universities among the more than 2,600 such schools scattered across the nation and trying to single out the best is a daunting chore at best. But here is a presentation of many such worthwhile homes of higher learning:

Sewanee, The University of the South: Sewanee, Tn.

This 13,000-acre campus on the Cumberland Plateau overlooking the Tennessee Valley combines stunning Gothic-inspired stone architecture with magnificent surroundings: forest, lakefront bluffs, and a garden ravine that follows a stream through campus. In spring, it blooms with daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips. The school is about 50 miles northwest of Chattanooga, a few miles off of Interstate 24. If you go be sure to have lunch at the school’s beautiful buffet cafeteria ($9 for non-students) and stop in at the lovely All-Saints Chapel (which draws inspiration from the University Church at Oxford and Notre Dame in Paris).

Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia

Features an exquisitely beautiful college campus. For a student body of slightly less than 1,000 students it seems incredible that the campus size is an unbelievable 3,250 acres. in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The huge size of the campus may very well make it seem as if you are living on your own huge estate. After all how many campus sites include 6 nature preserves and two lakes, not to mention miles of walking or jogging trails. Not only is the acreage idyllic, the on campus buildings are also exquisite, many of them finding their way onto the National Register of Historic Places. The Princeton Review evaluated Sweet Briar’s campus as #1 among the most beautiful college campuses in the U. S.

Princeton University, Princeton, N. J.

At Princeton University, for example, it’s mostly about landscapes.. The campus connects its ivy-covered gray stone buildings with footpaths, idyllic small greens, and courtyards that create an intimate village-like scale.

The University of San Diego, San Diego, Ca.

A beautiful campus which features Spanish Renaissance architecture, with its elaborate façades, delicate ironwork, and carved wood. Ocean views and palm-tree-lined courtyards also provide stunning views.

Southern Florida College, Lakeland, Fl.

This school campus features the largest collection of Frank Lloyd Wright structures on a single site, Students at Southern Florida College days are spend wandering in and among the 12 unique buildings, which were built over a 20 year period beginning in the late 1930s. And thanks to preservation efforts that began in 2007, many of the buildings and such things as the Wright’s fountain and Water Dome, still hold their original beauty.

James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Va.

The red-tiled roofs on beautiful stone buildings and literally hundreds of thousands of flowers and plants throughout the campus make this university a lovely locale. Located on Interstate 81 about 90 miles south of Washington, D. C.

Yale University, New Haven, Conn.

Yale can’t compete when it comes to location, but it has embraced one architectural movement after another. As Robert A. M. Stern, dean of Yale’s School of Architecture, puts it: “Our campus is a living history of the architecture and urbanism of its three centuries in New Haven.” Whatever your taste, you’ll find a structure to your liking on a campus stroll, perhaps dorms designed by 1960s starchitect Eero Saarinen or James Gamble Rogers’s imposing Gothic bell tower.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va.

This school features designs by founder and architect Thomas Jefferson, who first created the idea of flanking a lawn with pavilions linked by colonnades and a grand library at its head. New York-based architect Alexander Cooper concurs: “UVA remains the masterpiece of American campus planning.”

The College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine

This school was the first college in the United States to pledge carbon neutrality. And every element of its campus, both physically and academically, demonstrates the school’s thorough-going commitment to environmental sustainability. More plusses include fantastic coastal views, heirloom apple orchards, and the fact that classes take place on the school’s 80-plus acre farm, 5 acres of certified organic farmland and 65 acres of forest.

The University of Washington, Seattle, Wash.

Snow-capped mountain views in an urban setting is already a sweet deal. And in Seattle, the University of Washington offers this, and more. But what’s really beautiful about “U Dub”, as its called by its student body, is how respectfully it is integrated into the city at large. Far from divorced from life beyond its borders, campus outreach is huge.

University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Set against a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this university’s sprawling campus features numerous parks, ponds and walkways. A school obviously in tune with nature’s beauty.

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass.

The 800-acre campus was designed and landscaped between 1896 and 1922 and includes a botanic garden, two lakes, several waterfalls, tennis courts, stables and woodland riding trails and its own highly-regarded 18-hole golf course. It is also home to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum. It was the first member of the Seven Sisters colleges, and served as a model for some of the others.

U. S. Military Academies: Colorado Springs, Annapolis, West Point

The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, the Naval Academy in Annapolis and the Army Academy in West Point are all great places to visit. All are rich in beauty and history. Be sure to take in their chapels, especially the one at the Air Force Academy.

Flagler College, St. Augustine, Florida

The Flagler College campus comprises 15 buildings, some of which are located throughout the historic district of Saint Augustine, America’s oldest city. Ponce de Leon Hall is the focal point of the campus, where the female dormitories, as well as the dining hall, are located. . The campus is located in historical downtown St. Augustine. The flower and fauna make a stroll around this campus a great pleasure.

Other beautiful college campus well worth a visit include:

Pepperdine University, Malibu, Ca.

Furman University, Greenville, SC.

Rollins College, Winter Park, Fl.

High Point University , High Point, NC.

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